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We can see from the latest data, Swift's share has slipped this month and dropped out of the top 20, ranking No. 23. Visual Basic, this visual Basic programming language, on the first month of the Top20 list,we haven't seen its whereabouts, but it actually sneaked to no.11 this month, which is stunning! 


Apple's new programming language this year, Swift, was uncovered by major media in its initial release, after some speculation, it is now restored calm. In TIOBE7 monthly rankings, Swift entered the Top 20, such a remarkable achievement after released a month, it is staggering to many developers; and we can also see from the latest data, Swift this month's share has declined, fell out of the top 20, ranked No. 23. 

Microsoft’s introduction of Visual Basic 1.0 caused a great sensation, and many experts treated VB as an event of epoch-making significance in the history of software development. The visual programming language is many developer's favorite, with it you can easily create applications. Noting that, we should distinguish Basic and Visual Basic. We can see from the rank that Basic ranked 5th, Visual Basic ranked 11th, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET firstly squeeze into the TOP 10) ranked 12.

After 50 programming languages are as follows: (Visual) FoxPro, 4th Dimension / 4D, Alice, APL, Arc, ATLAS, Awk, Bash, Bourne shell, cg, CL (OS / 400), Clean, Clojure, Common Lisp, Dylan, Emacs Lisp, Factor, Forth, Fortress, Icon, Inform, Informix-4GL, Io, Ioke, J, JavaFX Script, JScript.NET, Korn shell, Ladder Logic, M4, Magic, Max / MSP, Modula-2, Modula-3, Monkey, Moto, NATURAL , Object Rexx, PILOT, Programming Without Coding Technology, Pure Data, Q, RPG (OS / 400), S, Smalltalk, SPARK, SPSS, Standard ML, VBScript, X10