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Nation Zoom virus, alias, has been categorized as a browser hijack virus (or Page Jacking) that interferes with Internet users by apparently generating web traffic. By technique, Nation Zoom virus can be indentified as a catawampus program, which perturbs browsers through plugins, BHO (browser helper object) or WinsockLSP approaches. Once Internet users get infected with Nation Zoom browser hijack virus, weird symptoms would occur on computer forcibly. Specifically, Nation Zoom virus may redirect default web page that opened to random websites based on Through modifying web browser configuration such as DNS settings, the Nation Zoom redirect virus has the capability to replace the default homepage or start-up to its malicious URLs while automatically add them as “trusted sites”. It is certain that Nation Zoom browser hijack virus should be terminated timely to end up its symptoms.

Basically, Nation Zoom virus sneaks onto a computer without any awareness, by taking advantage of various social engineering tactics. The developers of Nation Zoom virus generally spread vicious codes on suspicious websites or some legitimate websites that can be attacked easily. As soon as users visit such kind of websites, the Nation Zoom virus can be lead into computer voluntarily. Meanwhile, Nation Zoom virus can enter system through specific applications, including some “free” application or shareware online. When the infected program is executed on PC, the Nation Zoom virus would be activated without any hesitation. Furthermore, it has the possibility to get infected with Nation Zoom by Macro application such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. In addition, computer users should be cautious when they open unknown attachments or links in SPAM email, which contain the activation of Nation Zoom virus.

Stealthy as Nation Zoom browser hijack virus is, it generally replicate its copies constantly so that to modify system settings such as Windows Master Boot Sector, which has the responsibility for the operating system’s Boot loader. Thereupon, Nation Zoom virus can be executed automatically whenever Windows boots up. What’s worse, the Nation Zoom browser hijack virus could install its related add-ons, plugins or toolbars on browsers (eg. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) so that to trace and record the user’s online search history. In other words, the confidential data of victims may be revealed to remote hackers without any expectation. Other emblematic attribute of Nation Zoom could be the techniques which used by malware to excavate more system vulnerabilities in order to drop and install additional destructive threats on PC. This may contain Trojans, Worms, fake antivirus applications and ransomware.

It is absolute that the extra threats on PC could bring worse results for system. The Nation Zoom virus should be removed completely to prevent further damage. Due to the existence of Nation Zoom browser hijack virus, some victims may realize the slow performance of system, by technically taking up large amounts of system resources. Without timely removal, the Nation Zoom browser hijack virus may even lead to computer freeze, missing desktop icon, and even a blue screen of death with the help of potential malware. It is obligatory that users should try their best to terminate Nation Zoom browser hijack virus once being informed of its presence in order to avoid any unwanted damage or a loss of value.