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Facebook became a hot topic this week again. Its former editor complained it blocked the advantage news to the conservative party. The conservative party concerned this news as it was unfair and it may bring some bad impact to the party.

The monthly active users of Facebook have been increased to 1.65 billion from 1.59 billion in late of 2015. In Northern American region, its monthly active users have increased to 222 million from 219 million in late of 2015. 

If users' news feeds were controlled by Facebook, it will affect many people's opinions. 

According to a survey did by Pew Research Center and Knight Foundation in 2015, about two-thirds of Facebook users love to read news on Facebook. 

Facebook denied that it blocked the news which are in conservative's party. It claimed that there was no evidence to prove that this accusation was true. This event declared that Facebook's action will make great impact on the world as it is greatly in use. 

There are figures showing Facebook could make great impact on people's daily life. 

Facebook's daily active users are over 1 billion. This figure is about a seventh of worldwide population. Its daily active users reached 1 billion last August. Mark Zuckerberg was excited to announce this news on his Facebook account. By this March, Facebook's daily active users had increased to 1.09 billion. 

Facebook are more popular than Bible. The frequency of reading on Facebook is higher than people read Bible. Gallup claimed that only 37% of Americans read Bible at least once each day/ week. However, Pew Research Center reported that about 56% of Americans read their news feeds on Facebook each week. 

About 25% of Americans visit Facebook when they are using bathroom. And people spend much time in reading Facebook than they spend for personal hygiene. 

10 % of Americans usually check Facebook feeds during midnight. Pew Research Center reported that over half of 65 years old netizens are using Facebook.