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There was?speculation?whether Evernote would go out of business in the last September due to what Evernote has done. Yet right at the beginning of February in 2016, Evernote is reportedly to shut down the market on this Wednesday.

"I believe that a smaller, more focused team today will set us up for growth and expansion tomorrow",Chris O'Neil, the CEO of Evernote wrote in his blog post in the last changes in September, 2015.

Last year, Evernote laid off 13% of it global employees and shut down three offices in Taiwan,Singapore, and Moscow. Based on what O'Neil wrote in the announcement, the changes will brings forward the health of the company for it focuses more on the becoming a business tool and shifts away from the consumers.

When the announcement made, people who were using Evernote were wondering if that was the bodement of the close-down of Evernote. Evernote today has announced that it would close down its online product stores.

As what Evernote claimed, it won't stop branding products, the so-called shut-down is to let its partners take control of the market rather than shuttering completely.

"Instead of selling and fulfilling orders ourselves, on February 3rd, we will transition the Market to promote Evernote-integrated products made and sold by our partners at Adonit, Moleskine, and PFU. We plan to continue adding partners and integrations that strongly and elegantly complement Evernote to that list."

Evernote is a?startup based around?keeping?documents in the cloud?— and eliminating the need for paper. Yet the company now seems to have different plans focusing on some other products. When Evernote shut down the market and focus on other products, the the note-taking app?of the same name might be intrusive.Will products like Evernote, the note-taking App disappear entirely on the market? Maybe some day, users will need to cut the reliance on Evernote and remove Evernote, the App totally.

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