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The visitors may feel disappointed when they see a bleak and grey sky over Disney during their journey there. To welcome the opening ceremony of Shanghai Disney early next year, the Chinese government will take some measures to solve the polluted problems around Disney. Shanghai government decided to follow the example of "Blue Parade plan" to close down 153 factories to make sure Shanghai Disney won't be the exceptional case from other Disney sites.


Despite the Beijing government began to focus on coal burning pollution problems, the PSI of Shanghai is still exceeding. According to the reports from Berkeley Earth which studying Climatic Change and relevant subjects, among one fifth of Chinese death rate is caused by air pollution, accounting to over 4,000 people each day.


Experts suggested Shanghai Disney would be the one that encounters polluted porblems among all of its theme parks two years ago. Shanghai authorities have not announced the affected enterprises yet, however, many of them have been ordered to close down business best before at the end of 2016.


From the government official website, we have learned that those enterprises are high polluted, high energy-costed, low efficiency that include texitile industry, chemistry, iron and steel industry. The Shanghai government will also have those enterprises tranformed even without the effect of Shanghai Disney.


Shanghai is one of the econimic centers in east Asia, its function is making change. It needs a more optimized environment to enhance its city image. It is a must for those high polluted, high energy-costed enterprises to move out even without the importing of Disney in Shanghai, reports National Business Daily.


The first year's visiting volume after the opening ceremony of Shanghai Disney is expected to receive 20 million visitors. After than, it will receive a stable amount of visitors at 30 million people each year. It will make over 20 billion yuan revenue. Shanghai goverment will take this avail of this chance to have those enterprises moved out around Disney to free up 503.27 mu industrial land so that it could rebuild the ecological farms.


The Disney Magic World will miss something if there is no blue and clear sky. We will see how it looks like early next year.