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If the system is no being used for a long time but it did slow down, then you’d better enter to safe mode to kill virus! If the computer is used for a long time and slowing down, then clean up the junk files in your system disk, or use software to clean, then disk defragmentation. 

If you spend too much time on switching your PC, turn off the useless procedures! In the Start - Run, input msconfig, recommends: IMJPMIG: Start must item 


TINTSETP: two are both the start must items 

IMSCMIG: Start must items. 

realsched: brought by RealPlayer playing software, which is used by the software with the acquisition of new knowledge from the server, it is recommended to remove. 

ctfmon: Start must items. 

Antivirus software startup items! Remove them ! 

Adjusting the virtual memory to 1.5 times the physical memory, also helpful for system optimization! ! 

WindowsXP boot speed is generally very slow, it is recommended that eliminate it and replaced with Windows 8 or other more advanced system, But if you are really obsessed with Windows XP and would never change it, keep reading. After several tests, the WindowsXP boot time is proved that it can be reduced to one tenth of the usual time: 

1. Right-click My Computer ------ Properties------ System Properties--------- Hardware, use the mouse to click on the"+" sign before IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers, double-click on the secondary IDE channel, open the properties dialog box, select Advanced Settings, change the “Automatically detect” to “No”.

2. Use regedit to enter into the registry editor, open the following key: After HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CURRENT CONTROLSET \ CONTROL \ SESSION MANAGER \ MEMORY MANAGEMENT \ PREFETCH PARAMETERS, find EnablePrefetcher, change the value 0 to 1 (after the above operation, the boot speed of Windows XP should be seeded up significantly) 


3. We can also use optimization tool to speed up computer with easy breezy guide.