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Google is also grew from a small company, in its early age there was 21 employees, in addition to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, now only seven remain in the company. Some of them became entrepreneurs and professional managers, some became investors, and some have already retired. Today, Google has become a technology giant, let’s look at the status of the fist 10 employees among the early 21, the order also represents the their employees number. 


1. Larry Page. He worked from 1998 to the present which is one of Google co-founder, also the current CEO. 

2. Sergey Brin.Sergey Brin also worked from 1998 to now, he is one of the co-founder and now is responsible for Google X department. 

3. Craig Silverstein. He was the first employee hired by Larry and Segey, the working time is 1998-2012, in Google last served as a guide engineer, now worked in Khan Academy office. 

4. Heather Cairns. Served time from 1998 to 2005, the last post was the human resources manager, she hired Google’s initially 200 employees, and is now an angel investor. 

5. Ray Sidney. Served Time for 1999-2003,  left 18 months before the IPO of Google, earning a huge amount of money, the last post was a software engineer, and is now a real estate developer, who is also the a triathlon athletes and an amateur pilots 

6. Harry Cheung.Joined in 1999, the leaving time is unknown, the last post in Google is software engineer, now an angel investor, the company he invested and investing are Qwiki, Badgeville and PrePay 

7. Amit Patel.Joined in 1999, leaving time is unknown, the final positions are unknown, he had asked to share the office with the then CEO Eric Schmidt, the latter agreed, Amit is now working in Sunfire 

8. Urs Holzle.1999-present, Senior Vice President of Design Technology Infrastructure sector, regulating Google’s servers, networks and data center’s installation and operation 

9. Georges Harik.1999-2005, last position is director of product management, now an angel investor and Google venture advisor 

10. Salar Kamangar.1999-present, Senior Vice President of Products Division