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According to technology website CNET report, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently received a host Charlie Rose interview from PBS television, interviews involved user privacy, Apple Watch and other issues. 


Apple said, via Apple Pay system, users do not need to carry a credit card or disclose credit card numbers, all the information is securely assigned to a unique device account password, after encrypted the information will be stored in the Security Element security mechanisms. Apple will need to establish new partnerships with the credit card issuing banks, acquiring banks and the entire credit card network, even better than the traditional payment system. 

But only a week ago, many Hollywood actresses personal privacy photos were illegally public due to Apple's iCloud account stolen before the conference. While eventually after investigation,Apple said this incident was not caused by Apple’s system vulnerabilities, but iCloud security still being cast a shadow because this event. 

Therefore, the user privacy on Apple Pay system arouse our attention. When it comes to this point, Tim Cook said: "Apple's business is selling products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and other products, Apple will not collect users' personal information, unlike Google. And the nature of our company is different with other technologies.We do not make money by collecting user information and if someone says our company we are collecting users' personal information to make money, then I think we have the right to question.". "the company's view is,in the design of a new service, and we do not have the key. Our business is laid on selling products, rather than based on personal information obtained - the user is not our ‘product’. "

For Apple Watch, Tim Cook said he hopes to give developers time to develop applications for Apple Watch. "We will release Apple Watch before official list, we do so because we want developers to have enough time to develop applications, after each developer has the opportunity to develop applications for Apple Watch after they get WatchKit."