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Recently Net Applications released a ranking of global PC operating system in August 2014, the data shows: market share of Microsoft's Windows 8.x is 13.37%, an increase of 0.89%. And Windows 7 with 51.21% of the share is still ranked first; Linux compared with last month dropped 0.01 percentage points to 1.67 percent. 


According to the latest market research firm Net Applications data released by the global operating system market share, in August 2014, the shares of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems began to rise. As a combination, windows’s  market share increased by 0.89 percentage points ( rose from 12.48 percent to 13.37%). Separately, Windows 8 this month rose by 0.36 percentage points (from 5.92 to 6.28%), while the Windows 8.1 increased 0.53 percentage points (from 6.56% to 7.09%). In addition, Windows 8 market share won the largest growth in the last August(2.01 percentage points).

At the same time, Windows 7’s market share did not increase this month, instead,dropped 0.01 percentage points (from 51.21% to 51.21%),which is still the dominant operating system. 

Next let’s see the early desktop operating system, Windows Vista dropped by 0.03 percentage points (from 3.05% to 3.02%); and Windows XP fell below the 30% mark at the end of last year, the current market share continued to fall last month, reduce 0.93 percent (down from 24.82% to 23.89%). Recently, a survey has shown that 60 percent of companies had moved out from Windows XP migration. Obviously, the growth of Windows 8.x share is due to its increasing Windows XP users. 

Other operating systems, MAC OS X increased by 0.1 percentage points which the current share is 6.74% (OS X 10.9 system has also increased compared with the same period in July, the market share was 4.29%); while Linux dropped by 0.01 percentage,the market share is 1.67%.