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1. Turning on your computer, inserting the XP installation CD, then press and hold DEL to enter the BIOS, first set the CD-ROM as the first one to start! If it prompted "Boot from CD", press Enter. 

2. Going into the startup screen, select “install WinXP”, press Enter then it will start installing. Sometimes it’ll appears "Press any key to Boot from CD"when pressing Enter, then press Enter to continue at this time, or it will not started from the hard drive. 


3.Selecting the first one, press Enter, start the installation, read the driver into memory. 

4 After loading the driver, you can see your hard disk partitions, it is recommended to install the C drive. Note here that, if you want a new installation, then you need to format the C drive, sothat the XP you’re installing will be a new XP. So please move the cursor to the C drive, and then press the "D", delete partition C. 

5. After you press the "D" (delete), XP will confirm, because the system afraid of your wrong deletion and lead to data lost. Of course, I just want to format and then install again, so please press the "Enter" to continue. 

6. Continue to press "L". 

7. After Deleting, C drive partition becomes a partition not being divided. Press "Enter" to continue. 

8. Here it will let you select the disk format. It is suggested to use FAT. The following four options, “fast”means quick format. 

9 Press "Enter" to continue. 

10. Being formatted. 

11. The installation begins. CD installation is automatic, from start to finish, the process is about 20-30 minutes. 

12. Appears the familiar installation screen. 

13. installed, 1st restart. 

14. Installed done.