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It has to say that FBI  Failure virus has been classified as a big cyber crime in Northern America, which is a malware that locked screen like the similar virus: FBI MoneyPak virus, German National Ransomware and others. These ransom malware belongs to Trojan Uremtoo family related to Trojan Reveton and Trojan Urausy that all of them are typically ransom malware active in the past year. FBI System Failure virus infected in the following means: infecting compromised website, bundled with freeware, and added to files in junk emails, any of which is not recommended users to open or browse. Sometime, even though users have run security programs it still can enter in computers without knowledge.

It gave a screen lock with fake warning said that all activities of computer has been recorded. All your files are encrypted. In actual, this warning was not from FBI but it is attributed to FBI Failure virus. This virus illustrated the crime you were against then you need to pay fine with MoneyPak for the fine to unlock. However, it has no qualification and right to do, the purpose is to cheat money. Even users felt suspicious about it they also send money to the virus merely want to release their computers. (Share Google+ of Patricia Howard who is the experts of VilmaTech Online Service)

To gives money to the criminal is of no help to computer, and the best way is removing FBI System Failure Virus mechanically.

<h3>First step: reboot computer and set to Safe Mode with Networking<h3>
For Win 7/vista, reboot computer and presse F8 key continuously and select Safe Mode with Networking. For Win 8, opens Run Commend Box and type “misconfig” and check Safe mode under Boot, then choose Network. Finally reboot computer it will automatically run under the safe mode.

<h3>Second step: Safe Mode with command Prompt and System Restore</h3>

If Safe mode with networking is blocked, try to reboot again, press F8 and choose Safe mode with command prompt. Type “cd restore” in next screen, press Enter and then type “rstrui.exe” in next line, press Enter. Follow the restore wizard to create a restore point and click Yes to finish.

<h3>Third step: show hidden files</h3>
For Win 7/vista, open Control Panel and choose Folder Options. Click View tab and choose Show hidden files. For Win 8, enter Windows Explorer and open Libraries, check Hidden items and close the window.

<h3>Fourth step: remove virus entries</h3>
For Win 7/vista, press Win+R key to open Run and type “regedit” to enter Registry Editor. For Win 8, type “regedit ” in Windows search blank to enter Registry Editor. Delete values HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, this step is so important that need experienced with Registry Editor.

Due to many users has been deceived by the cunning ransomware, it needs to make sense of how <em>FBI System Failure Virus</em> propagates and prevent it from your risky cyber habit that stay away from junk emails, not to click doubtful pop-ups and detect freeware after downloading. If your computer is infected with FBI System Failure Virus, do not believe the fake warning, remove it quickly or ask help from experienced PC experts.