PC Performer Review &Removal

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What's the PC Performer? Why should you thoroughly get rid of PC Performer? Read on and get the answer and solution.


You had better completely remove the risky PC Performer on your computer according to this file analysis from VT:

  • Filename: PC Performer_st_Setup.exe
  • Detection ratio: 2 / 49 (Sophos, PC Performer; VIPRE, InstallBrain (fs))
  • MD5: d273713f5fd180b527bc1369a4d2d353

How to rid the riskware PC Performer of from your system?

    • Close the following "PerformerSoft" page.

    • Ignore the reported "Scan Result", as shown below then close PC Performer client.

    • Hit Quit button on the following "Before closing PC Performer..." page.

    • Then you might be able to perform the express uninstall via 2 options:
        • 1) (find then) run PerformerSoft's supplied uninstaller application, one is located in "All Programs"; the other is saved in its install folder

        • use Windows Uninstall to process the standard uninstall.

    • Choose "Uninstall it now" option from the following "PC Performer"(an online advertising page).

    • Then you should cancel the download of an unknown "afteruninstall.asp" file and then, you shutdown the open browser.

  • Save, reboot.