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According to the latest virus analysis from Google's VirusTotal (VT), CouponBar™'s installer Couponscom (SHA256, c4bc7c19b952dbc426814c6f37d45efa1226d3d79c1ad05ba52959b8b83d2cb1) has been flagged as MALWARE.

  • TrendMicro-HouseCall, PAK_Generic.016
  • TrendMicro, PAK_Generic.016
  • ByteHero, Virus.Win32.Part.a

To successfully remove the Couponbar ad-based program, you first need to be the system Admin then close all of your running browser programs.

    • hit start button then go to Control Panel.
    • Choose "Add/Remove Programs".
    • Locate the risky Couponbar item (10.68MB) in the following "Currently installed programs" list, then press Remove button next to it.

    • Please wait while Couponbar Uninstaller helps remove Couponbar in the background.
    • Close the following confusing "CouponBar™", saying "Congratulations! Your CouponBar
      is installed.".

    • Please note your Add/Remove may become unresponsive for a while. Save your work, restart and then check all of your web tools like Firefox. Remember, reset your homepage plus search engine settings, remove the remaining Coupons[dot]com CouponBar in them.

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