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The following info will help you rid of Facebook Messenger if it has brought lots of other potentially unwanted apps to your computer.


To fully uninstall Facebook Messenger (aka, FacebookMessenger), you check and remove the following items from your programs list. Any way, the uninstall process will depend on the install options you had performed. The aforementioned PUAs are: "lucky leap" by WebCake, DefaultTab™ Search Bar, the main online chatting app FacebookMessenger and Java Runtime Envisonment 1.0.0 (the required component of FacebookMessenger). See the following screenshots of the default install of FacebookMessenger from "facebookmessenger[dot]biz".

    • To smoothly rid of all the PUPs, you first make yourself the system admininistrator then exit the FacebookMessenger client.
    • Close the following "Thank you for installing Facebook Messenger" webpage. (Note: Read up the below troubleshooting solution if you too have installed Regclean Pro accidentally.)

    • Try using Windows Uninstall to remove the said bloatware: DefaultTab, FacebookMessenger version 2.0 and lucky leap 1.0.0. See the following image for more references.

  • Save, reboot then I recommend that you check your installed web browsers. Reset them to factory settings if they had been changed.