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Some user were experiencing the WSA issue of being unresponsive/not uninstall. Well, sometimes, the simple way to such antivirus software problem is to overinstall/reinstall it, or completely remove Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and install a new copy to your computer.

    • Option 1: click start -> choose All Programs -> enter the following Webroot SecureAnywhere folder -> go to the Tools subfolder -> run the "Uninstall Webroot" in it.

    • Option 2: go to Control Panel on the start list -> click Add or Remove Programs -> locate the following Webroot SecureAnywhere entry (0.71MB) -> click the Remove button.

Please, you must complete the uninstall confirm box then, shown below.

And, if you're annoying with the Uninstaller Error above, first try reinstalling your WSA program or performing a silent uninstall process.