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Lots of users seek help to get rid of Babylon software. See one of tons of reviews @ cnet: "Invasive program tries to take over everything from my browser homepage to default search engine to what gets loaded when I open a new browser tab. I still have an icon on my QuickLaunch toolbar that I can't get rid of. Their uninstall doesn't uninstall very much, and it doesn't undo all the things it took over, so I'm left with a bunch of non-functioning features that I'm still trying to weed out." Moreover, the Babylon 10 may make Windows Internet Explorer 6 getting crash!

  • Error signature
    • szAppName: IEXPLORER.EXE
    • szAppVer: 6.0.2900.5512
    • szModName: hungapp
    • szModVer:
    • offset: 00000000
  • Error Report Contents:
    • "The following file will be included in this error report:"
    • "C:\DOCUME~1\TEST\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERfd4e.dir00\IEXPLORE.EXE.mdmp"
    • " C:\DOCUME~1\TEST\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERfd4e.dir00\appcompat.txt"

Babylon 10 removal instructions (for WinXP, an example)

    • Exit it: right click on its tray icon in Taskbar and launch Exit.

    • Save and close all web browser-related windows.
    • Click start and go to All Programs. Enter the following Babylon folder and run Uninstall in it.

    • Wait seconds for babylon's default uninstall wizard.

    • Then choose "Uninstall. Please uninstall Babylon from my computer" from the babylon window below.

    • Close the following "Babylon toolbar removal" information box.

    • Close the "Babylon 10 Translation Software and Dictionary Tool" page below.

    • Save and reboot XP system.
    • Go to Add or Remove Programs list in Control Panel.
    • Locate the remaining Babylon toolbar and click on Remove button behind it.

    • Click Yes on Babylon Toolbar Removal below.

    • Close Babylon toolbar removal below.

    • Close "Babylon toolbar Uninstall: Completed" window.

    • Close "The software was successfully removed. ..." page below.

    • Save and restart again.
    • Open Firefox if you installed it on your machine. Remove Babylon Search from Manage Search Engine List box; set another search provider you like.

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