About WOW removal

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Some of my folks said they had some trouble when they attempted to remove World of Warcraft due to the limited system resources, hard drives. Well, usually, we have two typical methods to do so. Do remember to Save and then close your game client before taking actions to remove World of Warcraft game.

Method One:

1. Click Windows Orb (or start) button and go to (All) Programs.

2. Enter the following World of Warcraft file folder.

3. Run the "World of Warcraft - Uninstall" application.

4. If you are running a Windows 7, Windows Vista, you have to require the Admin rights to proceed with the UAC's request below - Ya click the Yes on it.

5. Click on the Uninstall button on the following World of Warcraft to automatically remove it from your PC.

Method Two:

1. Go to Control Panel on the aforesaid start menu.

2. Click Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a program in Programs.

3. Find the following World of Warcraft item, launch Windows' Uninstall/Change option to automatically start the uninstall progress.