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Some Windows users may wish to completely remove the previous version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and use other security solution to replace it. If so, you should read the steps in this post:


    • You first log on to your system via the Admin user; you then save and close your using/opening files/applications.
    • Right click on the tray icon of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite in taskbar, it's the letter Z; then you run the Exit option at the bottom of the menu.

    • Click Yes on the following "Shut down" window to exit your unneeded ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

    • Typically, you then click start and go to Control Panel on the menu.

    • Opening up the Add or Remove Programs (For Win8, Win7 and/or Vista friends, you click Uninstall a program in Control Panel.), you scroll down the Add/Remove Programs window, locate the unwanted Internet Security Suite program and then, you click on the Remove button next to it.

    • Press the Uninstall button on the following "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Uninstall" wizard.

    • Choose the option "Yes" to confirm your request.

    • And then, "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Uninstall" will request you to restart your web tools, in order to remove the ZA toolbar in your system.

    • Moreover, you can choose the No option from "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Uninstall" to reset your web browsers automatically.

    • You click Close on the "ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar Uninstall: Completed" window.

    • Finally, you press the FINISH button on "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Uninstall".

    • And then, you click Yes to automatically have your computer rebooted. Read up the following post if you're having trouble when you try using Windows Uninstall to uninstall ZoneAlarm Internet Security.