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To completely uninstall avast! Internet Security 8, you need to remove the unwanted avast! item from programs list; moreover, if you had installed its sponsored program, Google Chrome, you can keep ir or remove it on your computer depending on your personal needs. Now, I will walk you through the standard uninstall of avast! IS 8 on a XP machine.

    • Log on to your machine as the administrator user, then close and save all your personal data.
    • Click start and click on the Control Panel on right pane.
    • Click Add or Remove Programs.
    • Then "Currently installed programs" list will automatically display all the programs you installed on your PC. And the unwanted avast! Internet Security 8 (608.00MB) will be highlighted on the top of the menu, shown below; you then press the Change/Remove button next to it.

    • You may need to wait for a while; then you choose the listing Uninstall option on left pane of the following avast! INTERNET SECURITY Setup window and click on the Next > button.

    • Click on the white Yes button on the following "avast - avast! Internet Security", warning "An attempt has been made to uninstall avast!".

    • You then may need to continue pressing the Yes button on "avast! - Service shutdown" information box.

    • Your default web browser like Mozilla Nightly will open and display the following "Uninstall Survey"; you can complete it or you ignore it and shut it down.

    • By default, the "Restart (computer)" option is chosen; then you can click Finish button to automatically reboot your Windows. You might be able to manually clean its remaining files later or use them to install other avast (beta) products.