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The following information will help you uninstall KAPSERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2013 successfully:

    • If you're running a trial version of KIS 2013, you can ignore the "Buy Now" window and close it.

    • Click the Support entry on KIS main platform, save the details in Key if you wish to install it later on and/or will request more official technical support. Then you click Close on Support.

    • Right click on the K tray running in Taskbar and launch the option "Exit" on the menu. And I recommend you download another Anti-Malware program such as Norton Internet Security or firewall application like ZoneAlarm Free Firewall to replace your KIS 2013, and then you temporarily disable the active Internet connection.

    • Click start and enter All Programs entry.
    • Then you go on to enter Kapsersky Internet Security 2013 folder and run the "Remove Kapsersky Internet Security 2013" application as system Admin in the file folder.

    • Click Next > button on the following Kapsersky Internet Security 2013 (the default uninstaller by Kaspersky).

    • You can keep some Kaspersky data if you plan to re-install it later like "Application operating settings" and click Next >.

    • Click Remove button on Kapsersky Internet Security 2013.

    • "The application is being uninstalled. Please wait...".

    • If you then encounter the "Error 1922" below, you can launch Cancel option then Yes from Kapsersky Internet Security 2013.

    • Click OK on Kapsersky Internet Security 2013. Then you reboot your PC and re-run Kaspersky's uninstaller again.

    • Follow the Kapsersky Internet Security 2013 window below to restart your computer by clicking Yes on it.

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