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The following sections will enable computer users who are willing to uninstall or downgrade the currently using Internet Explorer from the respective Windows operating systems.


Section 1: How to properly accomplish the task on a Windows XP SP3 computer?

    • Logged on to your currently running XP system, you then should save and close any sensitive data while you're running your IE 8 browser including online bank and other personal stuff.
    • If you're using the newly upgraded IE 8, just like the one below. You hit the option "Ask me later" on the "Set Up Windows Internet Explorer 8" window.

    • Then you click the expand menu next the Help button; scroll down the menu below and enter the "About Internet Explorer" entry on it to ensure that the IE 8 has been installed or updated successfully.

    • If the express installation of IE 8 was complete with success, you then click OK on the following About Internet Explorer info box.

    • You then save and close all the using tabs in your running IE 8 program such as the following "Your browser has been upgraded".

    • Then you may click Close all tabs on the following Internet Explorer alert.

    • Now, you click start and Control Panel on the menu.

    • Click Add or Remove Programs then.
    • Highlight or locate the following Windows Internet Explorer 8 project and click the Remove button next to it.

    • You then click on the Next > button on the following Windows Internet Explorer 8 Removal Wizard.

    • You have to wait a while when you see the following "Inspecting Current Configuration" and other requested operations were on progress.

    • Well, to successfully uninstall/downgrade your previously installed IE 8, you're strongly recommended to deselect the option "Do not restart now" and click Finish button on it to restart your Windows without any delay.

    • Please remember to re-run your newly changed IE program to ensure that you've completely move to the meat of this section: to do so, run it when you're back to your XP automatically and click Help menu and enter the About Internet Explorer again.

Section 2: How to Downgrade Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 system?

    • Similarly, you must be the administrator user now and you have saved and closed any personal files on your computer.
    • You then may need to click Ask me later button on Windows Internet Explorer 9 below if you're also running it for the first time.

    • Now, please click on the Gears icon on right top of it and enter the mentioned About Internet Explorer item again.

    • Click OK on the About Internet Explorer below.

    • Save and close any IE windows that still running.
    • Clicking the Win7's Orbit button and enter Control Panel on the list.
    • Click Uninstall a program under Programs section.
    • Please note that you just cannot find the installed Windows Internet Explorer 9 in the Uninstall or change a program list below; instead, you should click on the View installed updates entry on top left of Programs and Features.

    • Then you can double click on the listed Windows Internet Explorer 9 on the the following Uninstall an update and click Yes on the Uninstall an update window to start uninstalling this unwanted Windows update.

    • "Please wait while the updates are being uninstalled. This might take several minutes".

    • Also, you then select the option "Restart Now" on the Microsoft Windows info box below. And then, you re-open the newly configured IE 9 to make sure you've done this section successfully.

Section 3: Take the following steps to get rid of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8...

    • Double click the saved Control Panel on Desktop.
    • Press the Uninstall a program entry.
    • You've gotta know that you should click the View installed updates.
    • Well, sometimes, you may be unable to find the installed Internet Explorer 10 in Installed Updates portion.