Apple iTunes (11) Uninstall Tips

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To automatically and/or fully uninstall iTunes 11 to downgrade it to the version 10, you need to remove the following Apple products from your computer:

  • Apple Application Support (66.77MB)
  • Apple Mobile Device Support (24.55MB)
  • Apple Software Update (2.38 MB)
  • Bonjour (0.99MB)
  • iTunes (187.00MB)

NOTE I am running a Windows XP SP3 machine.

Now, please follow the quick steps to uninstall and remove your installed iTunes 11 completely:

      • Logged on to your Windows as admin, you then properly save and exit the running Apple's player first: you just need to click File menu, scroll down that menu, choose and run Exit option on it.

      • Now, you right-click on the Taskbar on your display, run Task Manager; then you go to Processes tab on Windows Task Manager, shown below; and then you should be able to manually terminate the following running images easily: iTunesHelper.exe, iPodService.exe, AppleMobileDeviceService.exe.

      • You now click start and move your mouse to Control Panel on left pane.

      • Then you can click Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

        • You can locate the listing iTunes program firstly, then you click on the Remove button behind it.

        • Then you hit the Yes button on the following Add or Remove Programs.

        • Please wait while your Windows system automatically configures and gathers required files information associated with your iTunes software.

        • Then your iTunes will be uninstalled and removed from your Currently installed programs list soon!
        • Then you may go on to click on the Remove button behind the said Apple Application Support.

        • Click Yes on the following Add or Remove Programs window, "Are you sure you want to remove Apple Apple Support from your computer?".

        • You then just need to be patient.

        • Now, please launch the provided Remove option for Apple Mobile Device Support.

        • When you see the following Add or Remove Programs displayed, you click Yes on it.

        • You then just stand by...

        • Similarly, you then click on the Remove button behind the Apple Software Update program.

        • Click Yes to let the following Add or Remove Programs wizard remove the potentially unwanted Apple Software Update automatically.

        • Soon, the express un-install of Apple Software Update will be completed.

        • And now, you click the Remove button behind the remaining Bonjour software.

        • Select the listing option Yes from Add or Remove Programs below.

        • Now, you've successfully accomplished the default install of Apple iTunes 11. Save and restart your computer.CHEERS!

Related information

1. When you finish the express install of iTunes 11, you might have encountered the following information window, named iTunes, "For best results with iTunes, use a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768. You can change this setting in Display Properties."; and you should follow it to change your display screen solution to run iTune 11 better.

2. Secondly, you may also have faced the following error, "iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly.".