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There is one popular word pops up in the Internet, which says familiarity breeds contempt! Does it like what it say? It bring me some thinking and I agree with the statement. There is a common phenomenon, it is much easier to have a conflict between parents and children, between lovers, or between couples. However, it can maintain a harmonious atmosphere among the workplace. What is the reason? Why is it so easier to disrespect and even hurt closest person than others?

The main reason is that most of us tend to overestimate our intimate relationship, often we sense that our families and lover should know us best and we won't be misunderstood at all. No matter what we do, those people who love us will understand and won't complain. But, it just isn't that way. In fact, the conflict often occur. When you face such situation, the best way is to take positive actions to avoid hurting your families, lover, and some people with good relationship. How can we do?

Sometimes, contempt is too easy to give. You don't even care about the reason. The easy way to reduce the damage requires you clearly distinguish these three words: complaint, criticise, and contempt. In most cases, we can complain others but shouldn't criticize them using offensive words. Otherwise, your good relationship is too much easier to break. Criticizing won't help you solve problems in stead it may carry out a worse situation - it is contempt. Those intimate people might feel contempt and it would hurt the most.

The reason leading to a broken relationship often is you let them feel contempt. So if you're not satisfied with your lover or families in something, don't use some serious criticizing words that you may regret. The better thing you need to do is recognizing the present situation and lowering your expectation, then you can avoid needless trouble and prevent conflicts. Keep in mind, don't let other people feel contempt, give them enough respect and you can get unexpected harvest.