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Recently, uninstall SketchUp has been a common problems for many of my company's customers, so it may be necessary to talk something about how to remove the program here.

About SketchUp

SketchUp(Mac) is a free 3D modeling application that enables the user to create different kinds of 3D models on the Mac computer. It is not available on the App Store and people should download and install it from its official websites or common  download websites

Problems of removing SketchUp

As a legitimate application for Mac, SketchUp ought to be uninstalled like many other installed apps on the computer, however, the fact is that this program often cannot be removed effectively from the PC, and the most common result of removing the program is nothing happening on the Mac after the removal, moreover, even though you had performed the app removal, you still can find the SketchUp's icon appear on the programs' list.

So, why does the removal does not work for removing SketchUp? How could be an effective way to uninstall SketchUp from Mac computer? You should make clear of these two problems before start to clean it.

What's the good and effective way to uninstall SketchUp from macOS

It is working for deleting the app on the Trash

To uninstall an unwanted app on Mac, many people would choose to trash the program from Applications folder to the Trash, however, it often does not work for removing SketchUp successfully or completely from the Mac computer. After you trashing it in this way, you will find that many of its files, and even the application's icon still appear on the Mac, and the next step you should do must be finding all of its remnant files and clean them thoroughly.

Therefore, it is usually not a good way to uninstall SketchUp via the Trash, in order to perform the app removal more effectively, you can choose to remove it with a good app uninstall instead of the manual way. You will be able to get a satisfied performance.